Professional Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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Professional Vacuum Brazing Furnace
Model: Brazing Furnance
Brand Name: Worldia
Function: Supower
Materials: Brazing
Type: Steel
Payment Terms : L/C,T/T
Detalhes do Produto
1.Professional vacuum brazing furnace
2.With reliable electrical control system
3.Adopting advanced partition type heater


Beijing world super hard tool Co., Ltd is a professional diamond cutting tools and related equipment manufacturer based in China. We offer various equipment, such as glass cutting machine, lapping and polishing machine, laser cutting machine and vacuum brazing furnace equipments. We’ve got high praise from our clients both from home and abroad for the vacuum brazing furnace, and we guarantee all day technical support and full time service.


Our Vacuum Brazing Furnace is used for mass production of various vacuum brazing products, such as brazing for diamond cutting tool industries. This machine has very high cost-effective for medium-sized diamond cutting tool manufacturers

Technical Conditions

1) Uniform Temperature Zone: D-200*300mm;

2) Final vacuum ≤8*10-4Pa;

3) Operating vacuum≤5*10-2Pa;

4) Pressure rising rate≤0.5Pa/h;

5) Maximum operating temperature 1150°C;

6) Empty furnace temperature rising time ≤90min (from room temperature to 1150°C) ;

7) Temperature uniformity ±3°C(800°C heat preservation stage, 3 spots temperature testing.);

8) Temperature control accuracy±1°C;

9) Temperature control method: K-shape thermal couple

10) Floor area: 3,000*3,000mm;

11) Installment : Horizontal type;

12) Power: 380V,60kw;


This vacuum brazing furnace is tailor made exclusively upon customer’s request which is mainly used in mass production of various vacuum brazing products with features as follows:

1) It is employed with Partition type heater which ensures temperature uniformity in heat up zone.

2) It can be brazed in either vacuum or air atmosphere which ensures cleanness and brightness of work piece.

3) Equipped with reliable electrical control system and manufacturing technology which ensures stable performance of the Furnace.

Configuration and Drawing:

1) Heating chamber

2) Vacuum Furnace body.

3) Vacuum system

4) Gas charging and discharging system:

5) Pneumatic system

6) Electrical control system

7) Water cooling system

Please contact us for more detailed information

ODM/OEM Service:

We can design and develop the vacuum brazing furnace according to customers’ different requirements,and all day technical support and full time service.


The vacuum brazing furnace will be packed by professional freight packaging company.


Worldia is professional manufacturer of vacuum brazing furnace, super hard cutting tools and related equipments. We offers high quality tooling products and machines, and ready to work together with friends and global partnership to promote the development of super hard materials and tools industry.

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